I had the opportunity to experience the diversity of this profession during the last 16 years of my career as a professional software developer. I was involved in multiannual agile product development but in addition to that I have also participated in many smaller projects. Some of these were unsuccessful projects and there were also a few successful ones.

Three years ago I ended up in an international start-up as a co-founder. In contrast with the past there was no one to tell me what software has to be developed for the sake of the success of the company.  We had a few bigger clients, we managed to get venture capital investment and we opened an office in the USA. If we had not achieved more success with our own products in the market, that we’ve created seized by an idea and from scratch, the company would‘ve shut down. It took years to obtain considerable revenue, and I believed in my own company so much that I relinquished my secure existence on the way.

After two and a half years I left the company and took a job at the rock-bottom of this profession to earn money where there is no challenge: working for a bank as an employee of an outsourcing company. I have worked in such a work environment before seven years ago.

The two and a half year at my own start-up influenced my thinking to a large extent; I do not need to wait for others telling me what I have to do, I have to figure out what is the objective I would like to achieve. Otherwise we could not have achieved successes in the past.

Why should we create software? Where do I see myself 10-15 years later? What should I change in order to make my purposes come true with the help of others? And how can I help others to realize their aim? What is my responsibility in my work and in the life of other people? – We always talk about these questions with my friends and co-workers. I know many of us are very concerned about such things.

I believe that we, software developers should not only seek professional development  but we should put our talent and specialised knowledge to the purpose of creating software which push the humanity forward. We should not create software just because we are paid to do it, the purpose should bear with just as much interest to us. If we work with such an attitude in this world, we can always be satisfied with our work.

I was thinking that this attitude could worth a particular phrase that’s why I have created the phrase: Humanist Coder.

I hope that I can make contact with many people through this and the blog built around this who consider living as a human being and taking responsibility for ourselves and the fate of mankind  besides the technology itself.

If you would like to write something on Humanist Coder blog or bring up an initiative and you look for help, don’t hesitate to write to me. I shall be glad if you will.

My email address is: istvan dot marhefka at gmail.com