I’m not a Java developer!

Dear Phil,

I hope this letter finds you well.

I got a new job as a Senior Java Developer 3 months ago. In the past 6-7 years I had been working mainly in Java projects, but my current job is different.

Wherever I worked before I had the opportunity to meet the customer, ask questions while I could remained a coder at the same time. I had the possibility to hear and feel the problem “from the first row”, and find a good and elegant solution with my team afterwards.

Right now I am said I am a Java developer. Questions raised are not really encouraged, only getting things done attitude is appreciated. I work as a soulless robot task by task, day by day.

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First letter

My dear friend, Phil,

I am writing you because I am thinking a lot these days about my present and future. I know you will understand me, because you are like me: we are both coders, and we both love creating softwares.

In the past few years I have been thinking about more and more about what I should start with my profession. Where should I work? What should I do?

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